Preserving Montana's Resources and Culture for the Future

Welcome: The Path To Eden, Landowner DVD

Whether you're a life-long Montanan or a new-to-Montana landowner, a common bond is shared. . . a true love of Montana! Who isn’t awestruck by the magnificent mountains, beautiful wildlife, and rolling plains that seem to go on forever? However, Montana is much more than that – it is a wonderful place full of close knit communities and a neighboring network that has been relied upon for generations. As a new landowner, you are embarking on an incredible journey to a very special place.

The Rural Landscape Institute (RLI) seeks to assist landowners in transitioning into Montana’s rural way of life. With the Path To Eden DVD we are offering a glimpse of what lies ahead of you on your new adventure. RLI hopes, with the resources provided, landowners will be better able to make informed decisions bearing in mind the needs of Montana’s communities, wildlife, natural resources and ranching heritage. If we all work together, we can maintain the Eden that is Montana for generations to come.


Montana really is the last great place...and it is up to all of us to maintain the special qualities of Montana now and forevermore.

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